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Introducing "Sun," an exhilarating herbaceous body gel that awakens the senses and invigorates the skin. Formulated with soothing aloe vera and nourishing mango seed butter, Sun creates a unique cool-to-warm sensation, promoting increased blood flow and heightened awareness wherever it's applied. This aromatic gel serves as an aromatherapeutic highlighter, drawing attention to the body's vital areas. A vibrant fusion of plant-based ingredients, including eucalyptus, mint leaf, and ginger, delivers refreshing feedback and stimulates alertness. Whether you're in need of relief for sore muscles, a pick-me-up for mid-afternoon fatigue, or assistance with sinus congestion, Sun provides the antidotal support you seek. With top notes of eucalyptus and tangerine, middle notes of lemongrass and mint leaf, and base notes of rosemary and ginger, Sun envelops you in a revitalizing embrace. Made by 3rd Ritual, Sun is more than just a gel—it's a radiant companion for your daily rituals, infusing each moment with warmth, vitality, and renewed energy.