Our Promise

beautiful, quality items, that add to your day to day.

Quality over quantity

Unforgettable products that stay with you forever


When you choose to support us, you're helping small independent creators from all corners of the world.

beauty and practicality

We are passionate about the value that beautiful items can bring to your life, infusing beauty into your everyday routines and rituals.

Quality and craftmanship

When it comes to Sāj (pronounced sayj), we've got a story that weaves together an unwavering passion for top-notch quality and an undying love for all things beautiful and practical.

sāj - sa•ge

more than the sum of our parts

Saj is not just a brand; it's a heartfelt ode to those charming, hole-in-the-wall boutiques, far removed from the cookie-cutter offerings of the mainstream retail world. Our passion is deeply rooted in our dedication to sharing the handcrafted artistry of small, independent companies with the world.

At Saj, we invite you to experience a brand that is more than just the sum of its parts; it's a way of life, and an unwavering belief in the power of authenticity.

small town, a lot of love.

Meet Shannon, founder of Sāj, a multi-faceted entrepreneur, a mother, and creative. Nestled in a rural Montana valley, Sāj is a small business run by a small team. At Sāj, we embrace the values that inherently come with being a small business — the dedication to quality, the commitment to ethical practices, and the genuine connection forged with our community.

When you buy from us, your purchase supports small independent makers and women-owned businesses.