ABCs of Mindfulness

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Discover the enchantment of ABC's of Mindfulness - The Ultimate Back-to-School Toy! As seen on Oprah's Favorite Things of 2021 list, this delightful set introduces mindfulness and creativity to kids of all ages. Unleash these mindful poems and coloring pages anytime, anywhere, for a moment of tranquility and concentration. Not only does it foster relaxation, but it also enhances fine motor development, perfect for sparking back-to-school creativity. With each stroke of the crayon, it refines hand-eye coordination, nurtures spatial awareness, and cultivates concentration and focus. Plus, it ignites imagination and self-expression, making it a cherished addition to homes, classrooms, and daycare centers alike. Crafted from sustainable materials, these cards are designed for ages 18 months and up, ensuring a lifetime of joy and learning. Embrace the magic of coloring-in and discover the enduring benefits with ABC's of Mindfulness - an everlasting gift for both kids and the young at heart!